Tanya’s glowy brush

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Hi there Creatives!

Download this free glowy brush and colour palette!

Want to learn how to make your own? Watch the tutorial here on ➡️ YouTube!

Don’t forget to check out my brush sets available for purchase here on Gumroad!

What can you do with the brush set?

You CAN gift your coloured work and arrangements you make with the brushes

you CAN share your coloured work and arrangements that you make on social media. I’d love to be tagged and credited @tanyasdigitalart

You CAN use the resources for personal and commercial purposes. See specifics below

You CAN’T use the resources (ink stamps )as is. You need to combine them to create original works of art. You cannot use them as the main/primary deign to sell commercially.

You CAN’T redistribute, license or share resources. All of these brushes are the property of Tanyasdigitalart. Sharing, reselling or modifying them for reselling without written permission from me is prohibited.

Please note: these brushes were made in Procreate to be used in Procreate.

They can be used to create personal and commercial illustrations.

All the brushes in this set were were made and are the property of tanyasdigitalart. Sharing, reselling or modifying them for resale is prohibited.

I want this!

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Last updated Oct 6, 2023

A glowy brush and colour palette

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Tanya’s glowy brush

3 ratings
I want this!